Women and minority faculty in the academic workplace: Recruitment, retention, and academic culture

In an attempt to address the need for substantive comparisons in the minority university faculty population, this monograph examines the relative differences in minority groups in the faculty population when the data permit comparisons. The report also examines research on the status of women faculty members. The discussion assembles a large volume of empirical research organized under the main thesis that academia for women and minority faculty is often experienced as a chilling and alienating environment. Women and minority faculty are expected to perform institutional roles that allow higher education institutions to pursue diversity on campus, but these roles are ignored in the faculty reward system, especially in the awarding of tenure. The chapters are: (1) “The Status of Women and Minority Faculty: Changing or Unchanging?”; (2) “The Academic Workplace”; (3) “The Academic Workplace for Women and Minority Faculty”; (4) “Issues Facing Women and Minority Faculty”; and (5) “Summary Observations and Suggestions.”