Event Calendar FAQ

This Events Calendar is a pilot program.  This calendar reflects information obtained through data-scraping and may not be current or updated.

Where do you get the events for the calendar?

Events are identified through data-scraping of identified websites.

What type of events are included?

Our goal is to feature talks, workshops, and lectures. Through the web scraping process, other events may also be included.

Who are the events for?

Our goal is to identify events for faculty. Identified events may also be open to students and staff.

From which areas of the university are these events hosted?

The web scraping program searches for events posted across the University, by Schools, departments, centers, and other entities.

Why am I not seeing events from X?

If you are not seeing events from a particular unit, then the event is not on a calendar included in the web-scraping program.  To suggest an event, website, or event calendar, please use the contact form.

How can I add my event or my unit’s events?

Please use the contact form.

Why is there an event that is incorrect/cancelled?

This happens if the external calendar does not contain the correct information.  We cannot update individual events.

How do I see only events of X type?

This is a prototype. In the future we hope to offer filtering and search options.

What happens when I save/star an event?

Your saved events are being retained in your browser via a cookie.  This allows you to access and save your events without having to login. When you clear your browsers cookies, your saved events will be cleared from your browser.

Who built this?

The web-scraper and calendar was originally built by PIK Professor Konrad Kording and the Kording Lab.  Learn more about the lab at kordinglab.com.

The calendar was then moved to the Digital Library Development and Systems department for the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.  They currently maintain the code.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty manages which calendars are included.

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